CPMA Fresh Health Award

Introducing the Monthly Fresh Health Award!

CPMA will be recognizing members who do an outstanding job of promoting CPMA’s fruit and vegetable consumption programs with a monthly Fresh Health Award.  The annual award, given out at the Convention and Trade Show in Calgary, will be awarded to one of these nominees.

In order to win, members must effectively use the Half Your Plate messaging and materials to promote the consumption of fruits and vegetables or use the Freggie™ Children Program to increase knowledge and understanding of fruits and veggies with children. Any company or organization is welcome to apply!

Members can self-nominate or nominate another company by submitting photographic or written evidence of support to CPMA staff. The winner will be announced monthly in Produce Now.

For more information please contact Selena Karkash.

2016 Monthly Fresh Health Award Winners


April 2016 – BC Fresh

BCfresh has integrated the Half Your Plate logo and messaging into all of theirBC Fresh Logo
marketing efforts, including their packaging, social media, videos, and website.
Their use of the Half Your Plate branding is reaching millions of consumers across
Canada through retail point of sale items and marketing.

March 2016 – Coleman’sColemans Logo

Coleman’s stores proudly displays Half Your Plate signage
in their produce aisles, online and in flyer encouraging their
customers to always fill half their plate , and their carts, with produce!

February 2016 – peak of the marketPeakOfTheMarket

Peak of The Market was one of the earliest adapters of the Half Your Plate message, sharing recipes, tips with their over 242,000 followers. They’ve also integrated the Half Your Plate logo onto lots of their packaging and help spread awareness through their Farm to School Campaign. Congratulations!

January 2016 – Mann PackingMann's Logo

Mann features the Half Your Plate logo on their best-selling stringless snap peas across Canada, spreading the Half Your Plate message far and wide! In addition, Mann provided giveaway coupons for Half Your Plate’s giveaway at the Food Bloggers of Canada conference in Montreal. They’ve also been active on social media, regularly using the Half Your Plate hashtag and joining in on Twitter parties and other promotional opportunities.

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