The chilly fall weather is setting in and thanksgiving is right around the corner! Although most of us associate winter squash (butternut, spaghetti, acorn, and more) with Thanksgiving dinner, there are a lot more creative ways to incorporate squash into all your meals! Here we’ve collected our top ten favorite ways to eat this delicious and nutrient-packed veggie.

1. As a soup. Squash is a Fall vegetable and what’s better in Fall than a delicious warm soup.  Check out this quick and easy soup using butternut squash via


2. Spaghetti squash is a fun and easy variety that everyone can work with.  Take a look at this step by step process for cooking it in the oven. Via The kitchn.


3. Are you in charge of bringing the dessert for your thanksgiving gathering?  How about these Squash and Honey pies!


4. Try any of these 7 quick and healthy ways to eat summer squash! There are many varieties you can still find in grocery stores.


5. How many ways can you cook squash?  Here are 6 simple ways – we wanna hear yours! via WikiHow.

6. It’s pizza night! Swap up your regular order for a mushroom squash pizza that will dazzle your senses. Via Canadian Living.

Ok, now we’re hungry!

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