quickpicklesJuly is National Pickle month and we think that’s just great!  Cucumbers are in season (and maybe even growing in your garden) so why not take advantage and try some of these delicious pickle recipes.

You could start by watching this great and easy video for Quick Pickles from our series with Chef Michael Smith.  These quickly pickled cucumbers are half-light salad, half bright condiment.  You won’t believe how easy it is to simply simmer together an aromatic pickling liquid to soak a mess of sliced cucumbers! Give them a shot today.

Garlic Dill Pickles from Little Figgy: This delicious and easy pickle recipe is a must have for picnics and cookouts!

Stuffed Dill Pickle Appetizer from Mid-Life Croissant: This is an easy, crowd-pleasing stuffed dill pickle appetizer.  Few ingredients but massive in taste!

Quick Sweet Refrigerator Pickles from Pip and Ebby: Super easy, eat them all out of the jar sweet pickles anyone can make!

Easy Fridge Pickles: Perfect on their own or tuck them into your favourite hamburger or salad for an added kick of sweet and salty.Easy Fridge Pickles

Do you have any pickle recipes to share?

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