guacamoleTomorrow is National Guacamole Day! This delicious dip is healthy and a total fan favourite!  It’s the star of your sports gatherings, potlucks or just a great movie night in.  Avocados, which have been cultivated for over 10,000 years, are a wonderful and easy snack and there are so many variations on guacamole.  Check out some of our favourites and send us yours!

Simple Guacamole, this is the classic guacamole, no frills or fuss.  Make this quick on any weeknight for a great snack or side dip to your meal.

If you want a fun variation you’ll love this Indian spiced guacamole with garlic ginger paste and chili!

This Cheesy Guacamole Toast is loaded with creamy guacamole, mozzarella cheese, andgauc3 fresh tomatoes. Full of flavour and healthy ingredients, this toast makes the perfect breakfast or mid-morning snack!

If you like a little hint of sweetness in your dip try this Mango Guacamole.

Here’s a really fun twist on guacamole that will impress!  Blue cheese and smoked almond guacamole.

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