Close up of colourful radishesTo get you on board with our fruit and veggie of the month for June — cherries and radishes — we’ve pooled some of our favourite recipes that star these commodities.

Cherry Vanilla and Ginger Float : This tasty drink can be used with frozen or fresh sweet, dark cherries and is a great treat! Ginger is a wonderful flavour paring for cherries, making this float a perfect summer patio sipper.

Quick Pickled Radishes: Pickled radishes are the perfect tangy veggie for salads, eggs or sandwiches, and they come together in 30 minutes!

Cherry and Hazelnut Salad: We love a good summertime salad, and this Cherry and Hazelnut Salad hits all the right spots. Sweet cherries soaked in balsamic vinegar to give them a punch of flavour. Take this to your next potluck, and you’ll be the salad superstar!

Okroshka, Summer Russian Soup: This everyday Russian dish is a great summer lunch, keeping you cool and refreshed.

Fresh Cherry Salsa: Salsa and dip is a staple for most get-togethers, so why not shake it up with a Cherry Salsa! This salsa is so fresh and is perfect scooped up with your favourite corn chip. It also makes a great topping on tacos.

Roasted Baby Potato Salad with Asparagus: How can anyone resist the crispy radishes in this great side dish?Cherries

Frozen Cherry Cookie Sandwiches: The classic ice cream sandwich gets a huge upgrade with this Cherry Cookie Sandwich. The cherry puree on its own is a refreshing, healthy treat, but serving it between two of your favourite cookies is a summer hit.

Mung bean, carrot, pea shoots and crunchy radish bowl: This salad bowl is perfect for lunch, bursting with delicious crunch and nutrients.

Fresh Chocolate Covered Cherries: If you’re in charge of bringing dessert to the neighbourhood BBQ, we recommend these chocolate-covered cherries. It’s a simple, easy recipe, delicious and an impressive looking sweet treat for everyone!

What are some of your favourite cherry or radish recipes?

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