One of our favourite ways to include #halfyourplate with fruits and veggies is to sneak it into your sauces! Not only will this add colour and nutrition, but it can pep up a plain sauce from simple to flavour-bursting. Here are some of our favourite tips for making a veggie-filled sauce:

  • Add onions, mushrooms and zucchini to your spaghetti sauce
  • You can blend steamed cauliflower with your cheese sauce
  • Try adding kale or spinach to your pesto
  • Roasted peppers blend nicely into a sauce with some cream or Greek yogurt

Here are some delicious recipes to get you started!

Roasted Tomato Sauce: This classic sauce from #halfyourplate Ambassador Chef Michael Smith is simple and goes over any of your favourite pastas.

Pasta with lots of Green Veggies and Boursin Sauce: Sometimes veggies don’t even need to be hidden. With this easy dish, delicious green vegetables are in plain sight.

Baby Arugula Pistachio Pesto Sauce from Sugar Love Spices: Using arugula will heighten this dish with spicy and fresh taste and green vibrant colour.

Avocado Kale Sauce from Seek Satiation: This sauce is so easy to make and goes well on spiralized veggies.

7-veg tomato sauce from Jamie Oliver: This sauce is jam-packed with veggies and brilliant micronutrients!

Hidden Veggie Tomato Sauce from My Fussy Eater: It’s perfect for picky eaters and works for anything from pastas to pizzas.

Let us know what your favourite veggie-packed sauces are!

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