It’s easy to become a fruit and veggie master when you have these great skills down!


  1. Chopping 

    This skill is hard to master, but with a bit of practice you’ll have beautiful chopped veggies for salads, stir fry’s and more! One way to make chopping easier is to slice the bottom off the veggie first so that you have a flat stable surface to work with. Check out this great video via Canadian Living.

  1. Mashing 

    Mashing isn’t just for potatoes! You can make great purées to serve alongside protein from anything from rutabagas to carrots. Check out these mashed potato do’s and don’ts via Chow.

  1. Spiralizing 

    We love spiralizing! It’s an easy way to substitute pasta for vegetables, or add some beauty to a salad. You can either spiralizer veggies with a fancy machine or a vegetable peeler. Check out this how-to via Inspiralized.

  1. Roasting 

    Roasting veggies is an easy way to get lots of flavour with little effort. Check out this how-to via Chow

  1. Pit and peel avocado 

    Pitting and peeling avocados can be challenging, especially if you want beautiful chunks for your salad. Check out this great how-to video via Jaime Oliver.

  1. Onions with no tears 

    Cutting onions is no fun at all, especially when you end up with stinging, teary eyes. Check out these great onion chopping tips via Michael Smith

  1. Washing and storing salad greens 

    Make the most out of your lettuce by washing and storing it properly! This video via Gourmet Magazine shows you how.

  1. Stop your apples from browning 

    Apples can make a beautiful garnish, and it’s actually quite simple to stop them from browning. Check out this video via MOMables for tips and a delicious recipe!

  1. Blanching 

    Many recipes call for blanched vegetables. Sounds fancy but it is easier than it sounds! We’ve found a great how-to via Yummly.

  1. Steaming
    Steaming veggies can be seen as challenging if you don’t have a steamer, but it’s actually quite easy! Check out this video via

What are your must-have kitchen tips? Share them with us and we’ll post them next week!

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