CPMA Fresh Health Award

the Monthly Fresh Health Award!

CPMA will be recognizing members who do an outstanding job of promoting CPMA’s fruit and vegetable consumption programs with a monthly Fresh Health Award.  The annual award, given out at the Convention and Trade Show will be awarded to one of these nominees.

In order to win, members must effectively use the Half Your Plate messaging and materials to promote the consumption of fruits and vegetables or use the Freggie™ Children Program to increase knowledge and understanding of fruits and veggies with children. Any company or organization is welcome to apply!

Members can self-nominate or nominate another company by submitting photographic or written evidence of support to CPMA staff. The winner will be announced monthly in Produce Now.

For more information please contact Selena Karkash.

Monthly Fresh Health Award Winners

november 2018 – Northwest Territories Health and Social Services Authority

This month we are recognizing the Northwest Territories Health and Social Services Authority for their promotion of Half Your Plate. The organization talks about Half Your Plate during their cooking groups as well as passing out Half Your Plate promotional items through their food bank organizations. It’s great to see government organizations stepping up to make sure Canadians are living a healthier life.

SEPTEMBER 2018 – the grocery people

If you’ve picked up a flyer for the Grocery People you’ll have noticed a section dedicated to a fruit or veggie snippit! These snippits were developed by Half Your Plate to give the quick tips on choosing, storing and preparing a certain commodity. We look forward to seeing more Half Your Plate content in The Grocery People flyers to come!

August 2018 – east point potato

We love seeing the Half Your Plate logo in stores encouraging Canadians to make a healthy choice and that’s why this month East Point Potato is the winner of the Fresh Health Award.  East Point Potato has proudly displayed the Half Your Plate logo on their bags of potatoes so every time consumers reach over to make mashed potato or shepherd’s pie, they’re reminded to fill half their plates with fruits and veggies.

June 2018 – Save-on-foodsSave On Foods

Save-On-Foods in BC has teamed up with Half Your Plate and the Carrot App to make sure their customers are filling half their plate, and half their carts with fruits and veggies this month.  From dietitian led food demonstration of Half Your Plate recipes to special giveaways, Save-On-Foods is doing their part to market Half Your Plate.

May 2018 – chef Alex Chen

Award winning Chef Alex Chen made a special stop during our Annual Convention and Trade Show last month in Vancouver BC.  Chef Chen graciously volunteered his time with the Freggie Children’s Program, showing 30 grade 5/6 students from the area how to assemble the perfect spring salad.  The kids were all hands on helping to chop veggies, make dressing and assemble a delicious meal that they all tasted after wards. Chef Chen’s dedication to providing cooking skills to these students makes him our winner of the Fresh Health Award this month!

April 2018 – BC Produce Marketing AssociationBCPMA logo

BC Produce Marketing Association has long been a great supporter of Half Your Plate and this year they took home the annual award presented at the Convention and Trade Show.  On top of support on social media and shout outs on their website, BCPMA runs the Healthy Chef Competition where Chefs create a Half Your Plate meal.  BCPMA has also facilitated the implementation of Half Your Plate stickers on their members reefer trucks.

February 2018 – agri-fresh

Along with their brand refresh Agri-Fresh has adopted Half Your Plate as one of their main messages. Beyond adding the logo to their email signature, Agri-Fresh is also branding their fleet of reefer trucks with the Half Your Plate message. They are also using the Half Your Plate message to encourage healthy eating through the University of Manitoba’s Bison Football Team.

january 2018 – execulytics consulting Execulytics Logo

We want to congratulate Execulytics Consulting for winning the January Fresh Health Award for their dedicating to promoting Half Your Plate.  Execulytics Consulting displayed the Half Your Plate logo on their website and is gearing up to be a very active social media Industry Partner.  They’ve provided a great example of the simple ways you can start to incorporate Half Your Plate in your marketing efforts!

December 2017 – Brenn-B Farms Brenn B Farms Logo

Congrats to Brenn-B Farms for winning the December Fresh Health Award.  Their delicious golden beet packs prominently feature the Half Your Plate logo!   Brenn-B Farms has also added Half Your Plate to their homepage at www.brennbfarms.com

November 2017 – kim hickman

For the month of November we’re proud to present the Fresh Health Award to Kim Hickman, Community Dietitian for the Government of Yukon. Kim first reached out to CPMA to adapt the free Freggie™ Curriculum to follow the food guide requirements for the Yukon. Most recently Kim facilitated the implementation of the Freggie Chef for Day program in 10 schools across the Yukon, making sure teachers had what they needed to run the program.

october 2017 – my country magicMy Country Magic Logo

Country Magic is a huge supporter of Half Your Plate with banners promoting the hashtag on location, loads of social media mentions and the logo in their email signature.  Check out their website at www.mycountrymagic.com to see the Half Your Plate logo right on the homepage.

My Country Magic is also encouraging members around their area to join the Half Your Plate movement!

September 2017 – carol HarrisonHeadShot

As one of the first Half Your Plate Registered Dietitians, Carol has been a champion of our message for a long time.  From guest blog posts to morning television appearances and her constant social media push, Carol is always making sure that her audience knows to fill half their plate with fruits and vegetables.

Most recently, Carol teamed up with Half Your Plate to create easy short recipe videos.  The videos have been very successful in spreading the message and engaging an audience who might not otherwise know how to prepare certain fruits and veggies.

August 2017 – Healthy kids community challenge, county of middlesexHealthy Kids Community Challenge County of Middlesex

The goal of the Healthy Kids Community Challenge is to support the well-being of children by creating communities where it’s easy for kids to lead healthier lives.  The challenge has been divided by 3 themes and the third and final theme (currently going on) is choose to boost veggies and fruit!

The Healthy Kids Community Challenge County of Middlesex has been active on social media, pairing this theme with great Half Your Plate commodity tips.  The tips are published every day with the Half Your Plate tag and are a great way for kids to learn about a different fruit and veggie every day as well as a reminder to them to fill half their plates with fruits and veggies at every meal.

july 2017 – bc tree fruitBC Tree Fruit Logo

If you’ve picked up a delicious bag of Spartan apples, you’ll see the Half Your Plate logo! BC Tree Fruit apple bags carry the logo, making them the winner of this month’s Fresh Health Award.

BC Tree Fruit is a longtime supporter of Half Your Plate, participating in social media and providing recipes to encourage Canadians to fill half their plate with fruits and veggies.

June 2017 – mucci farmsMucci Farms Logo

Mucci Farms has been a consistent supporter of the Freggie™ Children’s Program for several years now, sponsoring the children’s classroom presentation and trade show tour at the last four CPMA Annual Convention and Trade Shows. Mucci Farms’ dedication to children’s healthy eating has also spanned through to the company’s line of kid-friendly produce packaging.

April 2017 – Alain Bosse, The Kilted Chef

Alain Bosse (a.k.a., The Kilted Chef) is an asset to Atlantic Canadian growers, showcasing local fresh produce in every event as he travels across Canada and the world.

Alain has worked with Atlantic growers on product and recipe development, retailer demonstrations and CTV morning segments. He’s also promoted fresh produce and filling halfyourplate in articles in Saltscapes magazine.

Alain is Nova Agri/Country Magic Chef Ambassador, exuding passion and enthusiasm for their products and supporting halfyourplate and the produce industry.

march – Region of Waterloo Public Health

Last year, dedicated public health nurse Phuc-Nhi Phuong, launched the Freggie Children’s Program in her local school of St Peters Elementary. The program was a great success, bringing attention to healthy eating and giving students in the whole school an exciting project to pursue through the year. Freggie was so popular that the Region of Waterloo created documents for other schools in the area to follow and acquired its own Freggie Mascot costume to use throughout the year.

February 2017 – earth fresh Earth Fresh Logo

Last month, Half Your Plate ran the Workplace Challenge. We wanted to see your office staff filling half their plates with produce. Earth Fresh came out on top in entries, posting photos of several of their employees’ plates almost every day of the challenge to Twitter and Instagram!

January 2017 – Fresh direct produceFresh Direct Logo

If you’ve visited www.freshdirectproduce.com recently you’ll see that Half Your Plate has a feature button the home page.s also facilitated with the implementation of Half Your Plate stickers on trucks.

December 2016 – orangeline farmsOrangeline Zing logo

Orangeline Farms ran a successful Half Your Plate challenge in their office.  They challenged employees to fill half their plate with fruits and veggies at either breakfast, lunch or dinner and share a photo of their plate with everyone.   They were then encouraged to challenge a friend or colleague to do the same.  This was a great way to feature their ZING line of produce as well as spread the word about filling half your plate with fruits and veggies!

november 2016 – canadawide fruit wholesalerscanadawidelogo_notags_pms186

Canadawide proudly displays the Half Your Plate logo on the home page of their website as well as in their email signature!  This is a creative and simple way to spread the Half Your Plate message to all those you do business with.

October 2016 – AMC North America and the Fresh Riders

For the second year in a row a group of courageous fresh riders made a long journey to promote the Freggie™ Program. Eleven cyclists made the trip from Toronto to Blue Mountain and back (160 km each way) and on September 30th stopped at the Big Brothers Big Sisters club in Collingwood to bring fruits and veggies and of course Freggie to chat with the kids. The Fresh Ride raises funds for the Freggie™ Program.

The fresh riders also made a stop at Loblaws in Collingwood to chat with the store dietitian about Half Your Plate and the Freggie™ Program.

Congrats to the following riders: Michael Borcsok, Paul Chipperton, Emilie Cockell, Cory C Cronk, Andrew George, Brendan Lippa, Damian Lowry, Paul Myers, Greg Ogiba, Kevin Sorichetti, Kevin Walker

September 2016 – Ippolito Fruit & Produce Print

Ippolito has been one of the pioneering sponsors for our Half Your Plate cooking instruction videos with Ambassador Chef Michael Smith. Check out Queen Victoria spinach shine in this beautiful slow cooker dish and a fantastic side dish of pan roasted Brussels sprouts!

August 2016 – Gambles Ontario Produce

Gambles Ontario Produce Inc. has sponsored a brand new video series from Half Your Plate. These short videos feature delicious and easy recipes that can be made by anyone with few ingredients and simple steps.  The videos will be shared via social media and youtube to encourage consumers to fill half their plate with tasty quick recipes.gambles-logo

Watch the first video today!

July 2016 – Domex Superfresh growersDomex Superfresh Growers Logo

Domex Superfresh Growers has put a full colour Half Your Plate logo on their cherry bags and since it’s the season for fresh delicious cherries, these bags are flying off the shelves and into consumer’s hands.

June 2016 – Algoma Public Health

Algoma Public Health has been a long-time supporter of the Freggie™ Children’s Program, making sure that their Freggie mascot attends
all major kids’ events around their area. Algoma has created a range of fun Freggie promotional materials including stickers and magnets.

This summer they are working on using Freggie at the local farmers’ market to help educate kids and families about locally grown fruits and veggies.Kids will use a Freggie scavenger hunt to guide the kids through the market and discover produce.

May 2016 – Longo’s BurloakLongo

Longo’s Burloak hosted a fantastic Health Fair with their dietitian Sandra Seville.

April 2016 – BC Fresh

BCfresh has integrated the Half Your Plate logo and messaging into all of theirBC Fresh Logo
marketing efforts, including their packaging, social media, videos, and website.
Their use of the Half Your Plate branding is reaching millions of consumers across Canada through retail point of sale items and marketing.

March 2016 – Coleman’sColemans Logo

Coleman’s stores proudly displays Half Your Plate signage
in their produce aisles, online and in flyer encouraging their
customers to always fill half their plate , and their carts, with produce!

February 2016 – peak of the marketPeakOfTheMarket

Peak of The Market was one of the earliest adapters of the Half Your Plate message, sharing recipes, tips with their over 242,000 followers. They’ve also integrated the Half Your Plate logo onto lots of their packaging and help spread awareness through their Farm to School Campaign. Congratulations!


January 2016 – Mann PackingMann's Logo

Mann features the Half Your Plate logo on their best-selling stringless snap peas across Canada, spreading the Half Your Plate message far and wide! In addition, Mann provided giveaway coupons for Half Your Plate’s giveaway at the Food Bloggers of Canada conference in Montreal. They’ve also been active on social media, regularly using the Half Your Plate hashtag and joining in on Twitter parties and other promotional opportunities.

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