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Nutrition Information

1 serving = 77 g (1/2 fruit)

  • Source of Vitamin C (13% Recommended Daily Intake per serving)
  • Source of Vitamin K (16% Recommended Daily Intake per serving)
  • Sodium-free (2 mg per serving)
  • Source of fibre (3 g per serving)
Look For

Large pomegranates, heavy for size.

To Store

Keep at room temperature for a few days or refrigerate for 1 to 2 weeks. Seeds and juice can be frozen.

To Prepare

Slit skin and carefully pull away skin and pith (note: the juice stains). Only seeds are edible. Pomegranates are juicy with a sweet tart flavour. Sprinle over salads, desserts or crush seeds in blender and strain to make juice for drinks, sauces and jellies.

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