Riced Cauliflower English Muffins

Mixed Fruit Loaf

Egg Shakshuka

Chef Louis Simard adding olive oil to a simmering pot of veggies for his Egg Shakshuka

Winter Squash Carbonara with Broccoli Rabe

Watermelon Ice Cream Bars

Stuffed Mushroom with Poached Egg and Arugula

Stuffed Mushroom with Poached Egg by Emily Richards

Savoury Nectarine and Prosciutto Muffins

Nectarine Prosciutto Muffins by Emily Richards

Easy Breakfast Tacos

Ice Wine Cantaloupe Cake

Ice Wine Cantaloupe Cake



Mixed Greens Gratin

Greens Gratin

Roast Eggplant and Potato Moussaka

Roast eggplant and potato moussaka

Cabbage Filled Phyllo

Cabbage filled phyllo

Chocolate Sweet Potato Bars

Sweet potato bars

Zucchini Waffles with Fresh Berries

Zucchini Waffles
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