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It’s Chilly Outside…Time for Stew!

Nov 18, 2014

As the days get chillier and we start to see snow, who doesn’t love to curl up with a warm bowl of stew at home. “Hacking” a traditional stew so that half your plate is filled with fruits and veggies is easy and adds valuable nutrients. If you already have a favorite recipe try doubling the carrots, peas, turnips or parsnips. You can also add mushrooms, cabbage, peppers, or sweet potatoes. Pumpkin, butternut squash, buttercup squash, or acorn squash also make great additions to stews and are quite filling.

Looking for convenience? Many grocery stores have pre-peeled and sliced veggies that will cut down on prep time. It’s best to make a stew on a Sunday and eat it when you’re in a rush – make sure to freeze it to keep all the ingredients fresh and defrost for an easy weeknight meal.

Don’t know where to start? We’ve also assembled a list of great veggie-filled recipes for you to try.

This one may be labelled as soup, but we promise it’s hearty enough to have as a meal! Chipotle Chicken and Pumpkin Soup

via a Teaspoon of Happiness

via a Teaspoon of Happiness

This recipe is great if you want to add more root vegetables to your stew. Adding kale makes a hearty meal that doesn’t need any meat to be filling. Roasted Root Vegetables with Tomatoes and Kale.

via Simply Recipes

via Simply Recipes

This Giambotta (italian vegetable stew) also incorporates eggplant for a new flavour profile. Toss in some cooked shredded chicken if you’d like to add protein to this dish.

Try this lamb shank stew with root vegetables for a new twist on Irish stew. Lamb Shank Stew with Root Vegetables.

via Simply Recipes

via Simply Recipes

What are your favorite veggies to add to stew? We’d love to hear your recipes!

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