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The following materials are available for free downloading:

Fruit and Vegetable Fact Sheets These sheets are great for learning more about a certain commodity. Find out how to pick, store and prep fruits and veggies as well as their nutritional value!  These sheets are the perfect size for printing.

Fruit and Veggie Snippits: These snippits are sized down versions of the Fruit and Vegetable Fact Sheets. They contain the quick look information and are great for sharing on social media.

The Global Fruit and Vegetable Newsletter: Credible, sound scientific evidence specific to vegetables and fruits. This newsletter is published monthly and shares valuable information.

Home Storage Guides: Learn how to make your produce last as long as possible by storing it properly.  These guides will tell you which fruits and veggies need to be stored where to help you fill #HalfYourPlate.


Canada’s Favourite Fruits and Veggies Booklet.

This booklet covers information about Canada’s top 40 consumed produce. It includes tips on picking, storing and prepping.  The booklet sells for $4.00/booklet. 

Half Your Plate  Printed Posters

These 11” X 17” printed posters feature the Half Your Plate message and are a great addition to your office, classroom or dorm room! Show everyone that you support the Half Your Plate message!  They also make a great give away for your clients. Poster is printed front to back and is bilingual.  The posters sell in bundles of 25 for $5.00

Half Your Plate  Brochures

This 7 panel brochure gives an overview of healthy eating as well as information about filling #HalfYourPlate. These brochures are sold in bundles of 25 for $8.00

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Half Your Plate  Reusable Grocery Bag

These beautiful full colour laminated bags are a great give away! They are bilingual and printed on all sides. The sizing is 12″ X 13″ X 8″. The bags sell as follows;

Quantity of 10-249  $1.50/bag

Quantity of 250-749  $1.00/bag

Quantity of 750-1999  $0.75/bag

Quantity of +2000  $0.50

To order bags please contact Selena Karkash ; skarkash [at] cpma.ca

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