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Tasty veggie filled apps to serve at your holiday party!

Dec 23, 2014

pomegranate-pear-salsa-1With the holidays right around the corner, it can be hard to come up with creative, new appetizers to serve to family and friends. Instead of buying the typical box of frozen apps, why not make some of these Half Your Plate inspired delights? You’ll get a tasty app and lots of veggies!

via Cooking Light

via Cooking Light

These Creamy mushroom phyllo triangles take a bit of time to prepare, but are so worth it! You can even prepare and freeze so you’re ready to pop them in the oven when company arrives. Storage tip: Mushrooms are best stored in a paper bag in the crisper.  If you buy mushrooms in a cello-wrapped package you can leave them as is until you open the package.  Any leftover mushrooms should be then stored in a paper bag. This recipe calls for porcini and button mushrooms, but you can also swap them out for cremini or shitake for a different flavour!

This Greek yogurt onion dip is low fat and a delicious alternative to the traditional ranch.Serve with celery sticks, baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, and sliced peppers. Shallots are considered dry onions, so make sure they have dry, thin skins with no sign of mold. The onion should feel firm and heavy.  Avoid onions with green sprouts.

via All Recipes

via All Recipes

This spiced roasted red pepper hummus is a twist on the traditional recipe that will impress your guests. Instead of purchasing a jar of roasted red peppers you can easily roast your own for a fraction of the cost. Roast peppers in the oven by placing the pepper on a baking sheet and broiling it as close to the element as possible. Turn the whole pepper until the skin is all blackened and blistered. To speed up the roasting process, cut the peppers in half.Spice up your appetizers with this roasted tomatillo and garlic salsa! Delicious and refreshing, this salsa also goes well over steak or in fajitas. Tomatillos may be harder to find in your local grocery store, if so, select fresh roma tomatoes and roast them quickly in the oven as per the recipe instructions. IF you’re not a cilantro fan, try adding flat leaf parsley instead – it’s flavour is less intense.

via Eating Well

via Eating Well

Olive and goat cheese stuffed cherry tomatoes are a fantastic “pop in your mouth” kind of appetizer! Not a fan of goat cheese? Try swapping it out for a semi-firm or neufchatel cheese, such as Boursin. If you can’t locate fresh oregano, swap it out for dry, just make sure you use about half of what the recipe calls for as dry herbs are much stronger than fresh.
Tomato basil skewers
are a beautiful and impressive app that are both easy to make and keep extremely well. Use colourful cherry tomatoes to bring some festive cheer to the table! You can also use cubed mozzarella if your local store doesn’t carry bocconcini cheese.

This 5 ingredient pear pomegranate salsa is a stunning appetizer and easy to make! So refreshing and light, you won’t even notice how healthy it is.

What are your favorite healthy holiday apps?

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