One of our favourite things to do is shop in season which is why this month we’re going to be buying lots and lots of delicious cherries. cherrycampaignThe majority of cherries are Sweet variety, which are local June through August.  There are some varieties of Cherries that are Sour which are available in July.

When you select a sweet cherry, look for fruit that is plump and firm.  The skin should be deep red or yellow and the stems should be green.  Cherries just need a quick rinse in cool water and are ready to eat raw.  They also make excellent ingredients for muffins, fruit salads, pies, cold soups, sauces and jams.  Check out some of these great cherry recipes:

Summer Detox Salad:  A healthy and filling salad loaded with rich ingredients like kale, cherries walnuts and artichokes! Try it for your next pot luck or BBQ.Super-Summer-Detox-Salad-600x834

Mocha Cherry Barley Muffins: Enjoy the sweet aroma of chocolate while these muffins are baking. Make an extra-large batch for snacks!

Cherry Yoghurt Cloud Pie: Do you need a new dessert? This easy no-bake pie is a great addition to your recipe booklet.

IMG_4255What are your favourite cherry recipes?

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