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Welcome to the Half Your Plate Health Professionals Network!

Position yourself as a leader and supporter of healthy living by joining our network and joining over 300 other health professionals and dietitians from across Canada. The Half Your Plate program is recognized and used by all major Canadian retailers and the logo can be found on various produce packaging. As a member of our network you will also have access to a wide variety of printable materials (tip sheets, storage guides, commodity sheets and more).

Should you require printed materials, please contact us for pricing (items are priced on a cost recovery basis)

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What is Half Your Plate?

Half your Plate is a healthy living initiative developed to educate and empower Canadians of all ages to eat more fruits and veggies to improve their health while providing simple and practical ways to add a variety of produce to every meal and snack. Half Your Plate is fun, practical and informative while providing tips on how to prepare fruits and veggies using different colours, flavours and textures for meals and snacks at home, at school, at work, eating out or on the go. Studies show that While Canada’s Food Guide recommends that adult females consume 7-8 servings and adult males 8-10, Canadian females are only eating 4.3 servings and male only 3.5 servings. Our goal is to get Canadians eating at least one more serving a day to improve their health.

We and our health partners (The Canadian Cancer Society, the Canadian Produce Marketing Association, the Canadian Public Health Association, and the Heart and Stroke Foundation) believe that dietitians and nutritionists play an integral part in educating Canadians on healthy eating. As such, we are creating a network of dietitians to spread the message to Canadians. All materials are free to use and you are also free to use our logo on any materials you create. We’d also love to feature any tips or articles you’ve written about incorporating fruits and vegetables onto our Fresh Ideas section or on social media.

What are the materials available ?

The following digital resources are available:

  1. Posters
  2. Recipes
  3. Tip sheets (Breakfast, lunch, dinner, special occasions)
  4. Fruit and Vegetable Information sheets (Explain how to select, store, and prepare)
  5. The Global Fruit and Veggie Newsletter

Are there any materials you’d like to suggest? Would you like to submit a recipe or we’d love to hear from you.

More information on nutrition is available via Dietitians of Canada

Learn more about the campaign, watch our webinar:


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