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Memorandum of Understanding

This MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING is hereby made and entered into by and between the Canadian Produce Marketing Association, herein after referred to as CPMA, and the company / organization listed above herein after referred to as the Partner. The purpose of this Memorandum is to establish an agreement for the use and ownership of the Half Your Plate logo and related collateral. The parties agree to the following:
  • CPMA is the sole proprietor of the Half Your Plate logo and its related collateral and hereby grants appropriate use to the Partner’s promotion campaigns.
  • The Partner hereby agrees to adhere to the values set out in the Half Your Plate program and that the logo and related collateral will be used only to promote the concept of healthy lifestyles through the consumption of fruits and vegetables and proper nutrition. The Partner agrees to vet any recipes using the logo with CPMA to ensure that they maintain Half Your Plate program integrity.
  • The Half Your Plate logo and related collateral may be used to promote all fruits and vegetables (fresh, dried, canned and frozen) on materials to promote and sell the Partner’s products. Usage can include, but is not limited to: recipe cards, promotional flyers, advertising information, point of sale materials, brochures, banners, posters, retail advertising and on items which generically promote fruits and vegetables.
  • Logo usage must adhere to the guidelines set forth in the Logo Usage Guidelines. Changes by the Partner to the design of the Half Your Plate logo or related collateral are strictly prohibited. Use of CPMA’s creative materials, including written text, advertising, or promotional copy is strictly prohibited unless prior written approval has been granted by CPMA.
  • The partner agrees to use the original files only. Never recreate, rotate or distort the logo.
  • The partner shall use the appropriate version based on language requirements. The logo is to remain identifiably as a standalone element and should never be combined with any other objects, logos, words, graphic devices, photos, slogans or symbols.
  • The Partner agrees to co-operate with CPMA to ensure proper use of the logo and related collateral, including review in advance of use in projects or activities, and appropriate use of the trade mark symbol. The Partner agrees to supply CPMA with periodic reporting of the logo’s and related collateral’s usage by providing photos or electronic images.
This MOU is effective beginning on today’s date and will remain in effect until such time as a written revision is required and signed by both parties.
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