As back to school time quickly approaches, here are some great fun ideas to liven up lunchboxes in a healthy way!

1. Arrange fruit and veggies into silly shapes or faces to bring fun to lunchtime!


2. Add colour! Carrots, berries, peppers, oranges and apples can brighten up lunchtime.

3. Buy lunch containers with dividers so it is easy to portion fruits and veggies

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4. Bring your kids grocery shopping with you and let them choose new fruits and veggies they haven’t tried for lunchtime variety.

5. Be prepared! Pre-portion healthy afterschool snacks and store them in an easy to reach spot.

6. Create mini salad skewers! Layer cherry tomatoes, low-fat mozzarella cheese, and basil on a lollipop stick for an easy to eat fun salad

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7. Cucumber pinwheels! Slice cucumber thinly with a mandolin, layer with a bit of hummus or low-fat cream cheese, a slice of turkey, then roll into cute pinwheels for a healthy alternative to the typical sandwich!

8. Use cookie cutters to slice fruits and veggies into fun shapes! Pineapple slices make great butterflies, cucumbers and carrots make great mini-flowers!

via Kids in the Kitchen

9. Make any day a pizza day! Fill lunchboxes with a couple mini pitas or crackers, some tomato sauce, slices of low-fat mozzarella, and tons of veggies for easy to make lunchtime pizzas.

via Biting the Hand that Feeds You

10. Salad at lunch made easy! Start with a mason jar with dressing at the bottom, then layer veggies and lettuce on top. Just shake when it’s time to eat.

Salad in a mason jar!

Do you have some great half your plate back to school lunch ideas? Share them with us below or on facebook or Twitter!

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