As we head into the heat-packed days of summer, it’s important to drink lots of water. We love water, but why not spice it up by adding some fruits and/or veggies? Lots of fruits and veggies also have anti-inflammatory properties that will help you make the most of the water you consume.

Here are our favorite combinations to try:water infusing

1. Strawberry, lemon, and basil
2. Orange and blueberry
3. Watermelon and mint
4. Lemon, orange, and cucumber
5. Cucumber and mint
6. Rosemary and grapefruit
7. Kiwi and cucumber
8. Raspberry, strawberry and blueberry
9. Mango and lime
10. Watermelon and lime


Today we tried a new combo of cantaloupe and pineapple and it was delicious! To infuse water, simply drop a couple of slices of fruit into your favorite water bottle or drink pitcher. The longer you let it infuse, the more intense the flavour! If you feel like getting fancy, you can pick up a fruit infuser bottle at many local kitchen stores. What are your favorite water infusion combos?

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