KiwiLooking for a burst of sunshine to get you through the last few weeks of winter? Look no further than the humble but powerful kiwi! We’re featuring the kiwi as our fruit of the month for March (which is also Nutrition Month) to get you into spring!

Kiwi originated in China and Southeast Asia and now is also grown commercially in California, New Zealand, Italy, France, Greece and Chile. The kiwi is oval shaped. Its exterior is fuzzy brown and its fleshy interior is bright green or gold and contains tiny brown seeds. The tangy, tart and sweet flavour tastes like a combination of strawberry pineapple and melon.

Look for plump and fragrant kiwis that are firm or just ripe, yielding to slight pressure. Avoid kiwis that feel hard as rocks. If you do have unripe kiwis, store them at room temperature, out of direct sunlight. To speed up ripening, store them in a paper bag with an apple or banana, at room temperature.

For ripe kiwis, place in a plastic bag in the refrigerator and they’ll keep for one to two weeks.

Preparing kiwi is really easy! Peel the kiwi with a sharp knife or vegetable peeler and then cut into pieces. You can also cut the fruit in half crosswise and scoop out the flesh. Kiwis don’t turn brown when exposed to air, which makes them perfect for adding to fruit salad or as a garnish.

Kiwi pairs well with tropical fruits such as bananas and melons. It also works well with dairy products such as yogurt or Mexican seasonings like lime and hot chilies. You can use kiwi in fruit salads, smoothies, desserts or with meat, fish or poultry entrees.

Kiwis are available in grocery stores most of the year, arriving from regions with different growing seasons. For example, California kiwis are exported from October to May, while New Zealand kiwis are exported June to October.

A medium kiwi is only 46 calories and clocks in a full day’s requirement of vitamin C. Try some of these delicious kiwi recipes:Honey Lime Fruit Toss

Honey Lime Fruit Toss: a refreshing fruit salad with a citrusy twist.

Tropical Smoothie Bowl: An easy and delicious way to combine all your favourite fruits!

Let us know what your favourite kiwi recipes are!

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