Leeks may often be overlooked in the grocery store but next time you walk by you should stop!  One serving of leeks, about 47 g or ½ a leek is full of great nutritional value.  They’re fat free and a source of iron – and not to mention delicious!leekwebsite

Look for firm, crisp stalks with as much white and light green regions as possible. Avoid leeks with yellow areas and withered tops.  To store, refrigerate unwashed leeks in plastic bag for up to 2 weeks. Rinse before you use them.

Leeks can be eaten raw or cooked.  Leeks are most commonly used in soup – if you have a favourite potato soup recipe, try adding some sliced leeks next time you prepare it.

Here are a few of our favourite leek recipes:

Coconut Squash Soup: This creamy soup has a wonderful match of coconut milk and squash.

Carrot Chickpea Burgers: These vegetarian burgers are both colourful and flavourful!

Salmon on Veggie and Leek Lentils:  A delicious and hassle free family dinner!

What are some of your favourite leek recipes?

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