Nectarine Prosciutto Muffins by Emily RichardsIs there anymore more summer than biting into a deliciously ripe nectarine? We’re featuring the yummy juicy nectarine as our August fruit of the month so here’s a little more about them.

There are more than 150 varieties of nectarines but they are all very similar. The newer varieties are a little larger, redder and firmer and you can now find white nectarines, with white flesh and a creamy white-skin with a pink blush.

Nectarines, along with peaches and plums, do not ripen once picked. A nectarine will get softer and juicier after it has been harvested but not sweeter. Look for fruit that is firm but gives in slightly to pressure, especially along the seam. Avoid nectarines that have a green colour on their skin, as that would signal the fruit was picked too early. It will be unripe and will not have much flavour. Nectarines are delicate and bruise very easily, so handle with care.

Firm nectarines can be stored at room temperature for a day or two to soften them. If you purchased a basket of nectarines, remove them from the basket and store in a single layer. Nectarines that are ready to eat should be stored in the fridge, uncovered and they will keep for about a week.

If you can’t use all of the nectarines you purchased, you can freeze them to use in cooking.

Nectarines just need to be washed before eating as is. If you choose to peel or slice them, just brush with fresh lemon juice to prevent from browning.

Nectarines and peaches can be used interchangeably in recipes. Try poaching, broiling, grilling and baking them. Local nectarines are available from August to September. California nectarines are available from late April to late August.

A nectarine has 60 calories and are a source of Vitamin C and fibre. Here are some of our favourite nectarine recipes:

NectarinewebsiteSavoury Nectarine and Prosciutto Muffins: Serve up a savoury muffin as a new appetizer or pack it in your lunch with a salad for a new twist on sandwiches.

5 Ingredient Nectarine Salad: Combine nectarines, baby spinach, feta cheese, fresh cucumbers and green peppers for a summer salad!

Mixed fruit loaf: This colourful bread has grapes and nectarines for a vitamin packed snack.

What are your favourite nectarine recipes?

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