Nutrition Information

1 serving = 338 g (1 radish)

  • High in Vitamin C (45% Recommended Daily Intake per serving)
  • High in magnesium (23% Recommended Daily Intake per serving)
  • Source of iron (10% Recommended Daily Intake per serving)
  • Sodium-free (2 mg per serving)
  • Fat-free (0.4 g per serving)
Look For

Fresh-looking sorrel with good colour and a clean, fresh scent. Avoid any brown spots or wilted stalks or leaves.

To Store

Sorrel is best used soon after purchase. If stored, store in a plastic bag, unwashed in the crisper section of the refrigerator for up to 3 days.

To Prepare

Discard the stems and wash the leaves well. Use young leaves raw to add kick to a green salad, or combine with low-fat margarine as an accompaniment for fish.

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