Baked Eggs Spaghetti SquashWritten by Carol Harrison

The Canadian Produce Marketing Association (Half Your Plate folks) hired me to work on a recipe and video series and I’m delighted to share it here with you!

Meet Mother Nature’s original veggie “noodles”, the spaghetti squash yielding 4-5 cups of mild-tasting, low-calorie spaghetti-like strands. That’s A LOT I know, but this versatile veggie can be divved up and served in different ways. Here are my favourite ideas to prepare it plus tips for the best way to cut and cook it.

First up, let’s cover cutting this hard-as-a-rock squash. Soften up the squash first so it’s easier to cut. Pierce it all over with a fork (10-15 times) and microwave for up to 1 minute. Cut it length-wise with a heavy chef knife and scrap out the seeds with a spoon. Accident diverted!

Now you are ready to cook it. Oven-roasted squash is the most flavourful but if you are in a pinch for time, microwaving is another option. Love to use your slow cooker? Yep that works too. Once cooked, use a fork to scrap out the lovely strands and discard the shell. See, How to Cook Spaghetti Squash below.

So what the heck to do with 4-5 cups of these veggie “noodles”?

Dress it up just like you would (surprise!) spaghetti. Try:

  • Herb butter (or a drizzle of maple syrup);
  • Lemony seafood sauce topped with chopped parsley;
  • Stewed lentils in a tomato sauce topped with feta;
  • Frozen peas and crispy bacon, topped with a fried egg and grated Parmesan.

Of course you can freeze whatever you won’t eat within 3-5 days.

Get Cooking with Spaghetti Squash

How to Cook Spaghetti SquashSpaghetti squash in a white bowl with herb butter and parm cheese

Quick tips to roast, microwave or slow cook your spaghetti squash.

BREAKFAST Baked Eggs in Tomatoes over Buttery Spaghetti Squash

Here’s a great way to use up leftover squash and work a heck of a lot of vegetables into breakfast.

LUNCH Roasted Squash Burritos

This veggie-bean packed burritos is quick to pull together and satisfying enough to keep you feeling energized all afternoon long.


DINNER Speedy Power Bowl

For nights you just want to assemble, not cook dinner, this is it. Check out the mason jar lunch option suggested.

SNACK Spaghetti Squash with Herb Butter and Parmesan

This makes a great side dish and why not use up those leftovers as a snack? Who says all veggie snacks need to be raw?

What cool ways are you using spaghetti squash? Anyone stuffing it? I’d love to hear more.




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