Here at Half Your Plate, we believe that cabbage is one of those under loved and misunderstood veggies! This month we`re encouraging you to something new and add some cabbage to your November meals.

Green cabbage is the most common type of cabbage. A head of green cabbage can range in size from 1 to 9 pounds (0.5 to 4 kg). Look for firm, solid and heavy heads with bright, fresh colour. Brightly coloured leaves mean that the cabbage is fresh. Avoid cabbages with discoloured or worm damaged leaves.

Store the head of cabbage in a perforated plastic bag in the crisper. It will keep up to 2 weeks.

kohlrabi slaw

Once a cabbage is cut, it will deteriorate quickly. Wrap cut cabbage tightly in plastic and use as quickly as possible.

To prepare the cabbage, first cut away the outer leaves. Next, cut out the tough core at the base of the cabbage. Then cut the head in half. Shred the raw cabbage by slicing the halves thinly or grate it using a metal rasp. If you plan to use the cabbage to make cabbage rolls, cut out the core and then blanch the cabbage head in a pot of boiling water. Cabbage is also delicious raw in a salad.

Cabbage is available almost all year! And a 1/2 cup (125 mL) of green cabbage has 9 calories and is a source of Vitamin C.  It is also a part of the cruciferous family and contains phytochemicals and antioxidant vitamins.

Here are some of our favourite cabbage recipes:

Crunchy Kohlrabi and Cabbage Slaw. Kohlrabi is crunchy and a perfect vegetable to use as a dipper on your next veggie tray. In this slaw it adds extra crunch and a sweet balance to the cabbage. A great salad for your next picnic or backyard get together.Rainbow coleslaw salad

Rainbow Coleslaw Salad. Plain coleslaw can be boring, so jazz up your repertoire with this variation with plenty of additional vegetables. With a vinegar-base dressing, the crunch of the vegetables come shining through, refreshing the palate.

Cabbage Filled Phyllo: A spin on a traditional Greek dish, this cabbage and carrot filled phyllo can be served as a side dish or enjoy it as a vegetarian main course with a chunky Greek salad. Pick up a bag of coleslaw mix for an easy find for shredded cabbage with lots of extra colour of red cabbage and carrot.

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