Happy family on a picnic in the parkNow that it’s summertime there’s nothing like a really fun picnic!  And luckily tomorrow is International Picnic Day.   It’s a great way to get out into nature with friends and family and fill half your basket with fruits and veggies.  Here are some of our favourite picnic-approved recipes for you to take with you!

Mushroom and Spinach Braid: These little pizza style pockets are super delicious and great to pack for your picnic.  Filled with onion, pepper, spinach and a great blend of mushrooms it’s half your plate in your hands!

Blueberry Filled Scones: These light and fluffy scones filled with fruity blueberries make a perfect picnic dessert.

Avocado Egg Pita: Egg salad is a favourite and with the addition of avocado it becomes deliciously creamy.  Tuck it into a pita with some sliced tomatoes and you’ve got a perfect sandwich for your picnic.

Crunchy Kohlrabi and Cabbage Slaw: Kohlrabi is crunchy and the perfect vegetable to try in this coleslaw! And you can’t have a picnic without a great coleslaw.

Vegetable Confetti Quinoa: Don’t forget to pack a rainbow! This vegetable confetti quinoa is full of tasty veggies and a great addition to any picnic.

kohlrabi slaw

kohlrabi slaw

Fruit Salad with Savoury Dressings: from Chef Michael Smith: Balance your delicious picnic fruit salad with some sour lime, spicy chili and cool mint!

Let us know what you’ve packed for your picnic!

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