Pureed Soup 101The days are shorter and colder and it can be hard to be motivated to get into that kitchen and create dishes that will happily fill half your plate. Fear not- we’re here to help you out with some tips and recipes to use up all that winter produce!

  • Check out flyers before shopping. This is a really important tip that we can’t stress enough. It may mean shopping at a different grocery store than you’re used to, or even making two stops on your way home but it will save you a great deal of money in the long run. Check out flyers and make a list of those great produce sales.  Some stores will even price match so bring in those flyers to get the best price in one spot.
  • Use your produce head to toe. The best way to get the most of your produce is to use it entirely.  If a recipe calls for broccoli add the entire broccoli not just the florets. Try it in this pureed soup!
  • Spice up your kitchen! Get creative while you cook by adding new spices and flavours you may not have. They’ll warm you right up and get you excited about using up all that produce.  Check out some of our spice and produce pairings!
  • Make sure you are storing all your produce If you don’t store them as recommended you risk them going bad before you’ve had the chance to use them all up!

Here are some delicious recipes using winter produce:

Coconut Squash Soup: This creamy soup has a wonderful match of coconut milk and squash. With the burst of green colour from the spinach this will be a soup served up often.

Roasted Fennel and Parsnip Soup: This thick and rich soup has a fresh flavour with a hint of licorice from the fennel. Roasting the vegetables softens their flavour and adds a unique taste to this elegant soup.stuffed sweet potato with hummus

Stuffed Sweet Potatoes: This spin on a stuffed sweet potato is colourful and flavourful with the addition of hummus inside and out. If you bake some extra sweet potatoes one night you will have a head start on this recipe.

Vegetable and Barley Soup: Hearty chunky vegetables are a colourful match to Canadian grown barley. This soup will hit the spot this fall and winter to warm you up from heat to toe.

Squash and Gnocchi Pasta: Lightly fluffy potato gnocchi are paired perfectly with butternut squash in this skillet sauced dinner. Enjoy it on it’s own or serve it as a unique side dish. For a heartier vegetarian dinner be sure to stir in some cooked chickpeas or your other favourite beans.

Do you have any tips for your using up all your winter produce?  We want to hear from you! Submit your recipes or tips today.

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