Summer berries are plentiful and delicious, but what happens when you pick too many and can’t eat them all? Today we’ve got our favorite tips and recipes to use up all those delicious seasonal berries!

Freeze them! Frozen berries make a great addition to smoothies and defrost really well. Just lay them on a sheet pan in the freezer until mostly frozen then transfer to a freezer bag. If you’re freezing cherries, don’t forget to pit them first!

Make some jam! Fresh berries make delicious jam and it is a fabulous way to use up a whole lot of them.

Make a vinaigrette! Raspberry vinaigrette is delicious and very easy to master!

Toss them into a salad! Add your extra berries to savory salads, they balance the flavours nicely. Try this tasty and easy picnic jar salad to get you started.

Add them to your baking! We love fruit-filled muffins, and if you’ve never tried fresh cherry muffins you’re definitely missing out. We also love these strawberry mini muffins, and so do kids!

Here are some other berry recipes we’re in love with:

Simple fruit salad – Top it with vanilla yogurt and granola for a perfect breakfast.

Quinoa Raspberry Muffins – So light and full of raspberry flavour, with the added protein of quinoa in each bite. Try varying the flavour with different frozen fruit.

Apple Blueberry Compote – This deep blue chunky treat is awesome on its own or served up with yogurt for breakfast or a snack. Sprinkle it with some homemade granola for added crunch or pack it in the kids’ lunches for a special dessert.

What are your favorite summer berry recipes?

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