The Mediterranean diet has been a cultural staple for years in Europe, and is now making its way across to North America. Most importantly, the Mediterranean Diet calls for an abundance of fruits and veggies at every meal – something we can definitely agree with! Common produce includes: onions, cabbage, zucchini, cucumbers, carrots, spinach, leeks, broccoli, asparagus, lettuce, cauliflower, eggplant, garlic and peppers, grapes, apples, bananas, pears, melons, plums, cherries, pineapples, olives, figs and tomatoes. Since May is Grilled chopped vegetable saladNational Mediterranean Diet Month, we thought we’d feature some delicious Half Your Plate recipes inspired by this veggie-filled diet.

Grilled Chopped Vegetable Salad

Grilling adds tons of flavour to your favourite vegetables. With an easy marinade and dressing this salad becomes a great side dish for any grilled meat or fish. Plus, you can toss any leftovers with cooked pasta for another salad.

Grilled Zucchini and Smoked Salmon Salad

There is no better way to get flavour out of zucchini! Grilling this vegetable and pairing it with a stronger vinaigrette is the perfect way to bring out it`s summery flavour. Paired with smoked salmon, this is a perfectly Mediterranean dish.

Mediterranean Salad

Crisp arugula, cherry tomatoes, and fresh mozzarella cheese come together to create a refreshing salad that makes a great side. Add some grilled flounder or salmon for a complete meal.Mediterranean Salad

Salmon on Veggie and Leek Lentils

A perfect combo for summer, top this fresh vegetable hash with a broiled salmon, catfish or cod filet. We love the combination of zucchini, lentils, celery, lemon, and leek.

To learn more about the other aspects of the Mediterranean Diet, consult a dietitian or nutritionist.

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